Chateau d’Issan 3rd Growth Margaux 2011


Pretty wine with lots of character, needs time to build.

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53 hectares of vines planted on an estate which covers 120 hectares, most of which is pasture. The main vineyard which gives rise to the grand vin lies adjacent to the château, has a typically gravelly terroir and is planted with 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot. The wines do tend to fluctuate with the vintages but they do make a lovely style of wine and can often be picked up at very favourable pricing.

A very pretty and mid-weight wine. Lacking a bit of intensity at the moment but that may come with time. Leave it until after 2021.

Margaux – One of the largest appellations and therefore one of the most mixed in quality each year. The Margaux wines tend to be more restrained, mineral and aromatic than the Medoc wines but they don’t achieve the plushness of the Right Bank despite Merlot often being a major player in the wines.

2011 – One of the hardest and most disappointing vintages in recent Bordeaux history. Experiencing both excessive heat and rain led to wines that were lighter, less concentrated and sometimes on the green side. Early ripening terroirs and Merlot tended to be more successful.

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