Bindi Original Vineyard Macedon Pinot Noir 2016


Bindi Original has a signature perfumed bouquet and silky, pure palate. Very fine, spicy, fragrant wine. Develops beautifully given careful cellaring.

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Michael Dhillon says of Bindi Original 2016 “A small proportion of whole bunches (5%) are included in the vats with the majority of the fruit being
de-­stemmed but not crushed. A small amount of sulphur is added on the first day and the ambient yeast takes about four days to begin the fermentation. This wine will spend 15 months in French barrels, of which 25% are new, and bottling will take place in early June. Raspberry and red cherry brightness with savoury, earthy elements are immediately evident on what is a super fragrant, seductive nose. There are fine layers of spice, flint and an delicious seductive richness. The palate is fresh, zesty, balanced, creamy, gently chewy and long. Another four years
will further complete the wine’s silky, flowing palate and it will live well for a decade and more.”

Note Stock due September 2017.

One of Australia’s truly iconic producers. Those who love wine know and seek out Bindi’s pristine and pure Chardonnays and elegant and finely structured Pinots Noir. All wines are Estate grown at the beautiful Macedon vineyard. These wines fall into the ‘purchase on sight’ category.

The Original Vineyard has over its history become know for its signature perfumed bouquet and silky, pure palate. This relatively quartz riddled, gently north sloping three acre vineyard produces very fine, spicy, fragrant wine that has high natural acidity and develops beautifully given 6-10 years careful cellaring. As it ages the depth of aroma increases in and the palate becomes increasingly harmonious and is characterized by a sweet fruited, textured flourish. In comparison to the Block Five this wine is more seductive and delicious in its youth whilst still significantly rewarding cellar time. The wine spends 15-17 months in French barrels of which about 25% are new. The wine is never oak driven. Production typically varies from 300-450 dozen per vintage.


A wholly underrate region in Australia. With a handful of extremely passionate but miserably small producers it is not surprising that those who know don’t really share the knowledge. Outstanding Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and sparkling wine is made here with a few braving some other varietals too.

Pinot Noir

This is the most elusive grape. It is relatively early ripening and extremely sensitive to terroir. Its perfect place on earth is the Cote d’Or in Burgundy. So haunting are great red Burgundy’s charms that growers everywhere try to emulate them. Pinot Noir is not just a one trick pony, it can make great reds, rosé, sparkling and even sweet wines, whites on occasion and I’ve tasted a decent fortified Pinot Noir too.

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