Bearded State Malbec 2019


Malbec is a super tasty variety and one you should get to know.

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Bearded State Malbec 2019 comes from a single site in Benalla. It is quite a special patch of land and I’ve been lucky enough to make one vintage of this Malbec. I was there on picking day, walking behind the machine eating copious amounts of delicious Malbec grapes. Seeing that fruit in wine form is certainly something special. Even without my input the 2019 is still delicious. It shows fruitcake, currants and rose petals. This is a lighter and racier version of this great variety and therefore is great drinking now. Steak is still the best match for Bearded State Malbec.

Is it a place? Is it a frame of mind? Is it attainable by the beardless? These are but some of the questions to ponder while enjoying these wines. Curated and sometimes blended by The Wine Depository owner Philip Smith. Whatever your facial hair situation you are guaranteed to get a wine that offers value and flavour well beyond compare. Above all, Bearded State is committed to finding you interesting wine varieties and styles that are approachable, enjoyable and great value.


Native to South-West France, Malbec is a minor player in Bordeaux and the major grape in the underappreciated Cahors. It has long been the star of Argentina. It makes wines that are intense, tannic, dark fruited with nice acidity. Perfect match for a country that consumes a lot of meat.

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