Gilles Barge Cote Brune Cote Rotie 2007


A plush and approachable Cote Rotie. Classic flavours with some ripe fruit on top.

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Gilles Barge Cote Brune is a one-hectare plot next to Guigal’s La Turque. Cote Brune contains 2% Viognier. The wine is from a riper year it is showing well now. Cote Brune very much tastes of the earth, gritty tannins, stones. With blue and black fruits, tar and game. Plush mouth feel and understated structure keeping it all in check.

Gilles Barge

Founded in 1860 and on the 7th generation working the land. In 1974 they begin bottling their entire production and have never looked back. From Cote Rotie, St-Joseph and Condrieu they make traditional wines which means natural yeast, no destemming, large format old oak for aging. The wines are bold, earthy, structured and delicious.

Rhone Valley

One of the great wine regions in the world. Situated along the Rhone river in South-East France there is a distinct divide between the Syrah dominant North where the Mistral wind cools and regulates the temperature and the hot lands in the South where Grenache is at its peak. The region produces everything from easy-going quaffers to wines that demand long term cellaring. Whites can be outstanding such as Viognier made in Condrieu and Rosé makes a fair impression too

Cote Rotie

The roasted slope. It is the rockstar region of the Northern Rhone which specialises in Syrah occasionally supported by some Viognier. The traditional wines tend to be lean, bony, savoury while the modern wines are ripe, powerful and oaky. Both styles tend to command a high price.


A bit of a chameleon, Shiraz can change how it looks depending on terroir and/or winemaker influence. The Syrah-based wines of Northern Rhone are dry and austere while the Shiraz of Barossa is rich and fleshy. A variety that lends itself to long aging but can be drunk at any time of its evolution.


The flamboyantly aromatic white grape that calls Condrieu in the Rhone Valley home. It’s apricot kernel, viscous nature and floral lift make for an intense white. However, it also adds perfume, fixes colour and generally beautifies lean and boney Shiraz in the Rhone and around the world.

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