I love Ripasso wines and I think they fit the Australian palate so well. It comes from Veneto in Italy. But anyway or wine region can use this technique.


Ripasso is a process of  refermenting the humble Valpolicella on the skins of Amarone means you get such intensity in a wine. Perfect for an Australian palate looking for something a bit different. Often not much more expensive than the Valpolicella wines and worth every cent.


An amazing region that is also home to the must be tasted to be believed Amarone wines made from air dried grapes.  The standard Valpol is juicy, fleshy and amiable. Often one of the safer choices on an Italian wine list.

Valpolicella Varieties

The varieties used to make are predominantly Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara. Generally they are quite bland on their own. It is not until they are blended together they make beautiful wines.

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