Bordeaux 2001 – Matteo’s Dinner 05/12/11

One of my most favourite traditions (second only to Burgundy on Boxing Day) is Patrick’s Monday dinners held every second month at Matteo’s in Brunswick. This month we get to look at Bordeaux 2001. An underrated vintage that offers high-quality Bordeaux.

We also drink four German Riesling from the excellent vintage of 2007. Plus the usual Champagne on arrival and mystery wine to finish. But no Port today.

My highlights were the Von Buhl & Kunstler Riesling and the Ferriere. Of course, it is quite hard. At these dinners, the quality of wine we drink means some great wines are overlooked.

[box style=”rounded”]A NOTE OF WINE NAMES When you get to the German wine names don’t freak out. All those words mean something – mainly where they are from and the quality/ripeness level – and sort of mean nothing. German wines with short names are generally not as interesting! Email me if you want an explanation.[/box]

On Arrival

The Champagne was De Sousa Grand Cru NV Blanc de Blancs – No great thing. Have made better wines at cheaper prices.  But the Champagne always suffers once the food and the main show arrives.


Muller Catoir Haardter Burgergarten Spatlese Trocken 07 – Dirty, dough, zest, mineral, peach, a hint of lime. Balanced and clean, long. Lovely wine, but the most simple of the three sound wines. Will definitely improve with time though.

Von Buhl Jesuitengarten Forst Trocken Grosses Gewachs 07 – Lime, floral fresh, dough, a hint of soda water, slate/stone. Great harmony, length, delicate, perfumed, dense back palate, v. long. V. impressive. Unfortunately v hard to get hold of any.

Franz Kunstler Holle Grosses Gewachs 07 – Kerosene, dirt, floral notes and minerals. The palate was spicy, long and mineral. Very clean, and a bit chalky. Great wine, all compact and ready to spring into action in 15 or more years.

Von Buhl Paradiesgarten Deidesheim Trocken Grosses Gewachs 07 – Corked. Curse those vile pieces of bark.


Figeac St Emilion 1er Grand Cru 01 – Hint alcoholic, cherry choco, cheesy, caramel/oaky, dry spice. Quite silky, bitter choco, dark spice, rich mouthfeel, dry tannins. Good wine, a good olde worlde take on a new world style.

Pontet Canet Pauillac 5th Growth 01 –  I think this was slightly oxidised. But still quite drinkable. Dark fruits, hint backwards (oxy), herbal, plums, meaty, hung meats, floral notes, smoke. Pepper and dry – clay like notes.

Montrose St Estephe 2nd Growth 01 – Classy, violets, sweet red & black fruits, currants, spiced ham. Rich in the mouth with lovely silk, a floral lift. Was long and clean. Impressive.
Mystery Wine.

Ferriere Margaux 3rd Growth 98 En Magnum – Beautifully perfumed and floral. V pure, hint varnish, dried meats, brown earth, pepper and oak. Very silky with fine dry tannins. The wine did fade a bit, but the initial taste was brilliant. Confirms that magnums are the perfect storage vessel.

No port to finish. Disappointing, but given I had a cold and could barely hear, probably the wiser option.

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