January Sale

It seems somehow unbelieveable but I forgot to mention we have a sale going for the month of January.

Do not disturb.

For all wines we currently have in stock we are offering:

10% off 6 bottles or more. Or
20% off 12 bottles or more.

Below are the up-to-date lists:

Cellar List Highlights include an amazing array of Aussie Semillon –  world class wine! Some truly great Burgundy, and some really fascinating wines from Loire, Bandol and the Rhone.

Stock On Hand There are notes on most of the wines listed. These are all well worth tasting, and it really depends on what you like to drink or are looking to cellar.

All wines can be dispatched immediately, or repacked and left in our cellar and out of tempations way until they are mature.

For more information or for orders you can email, call 0418 23 04 82 or post comments.

Happy shopping.

This is for January only.
It applies only to wines we have instock and will be first in best dressed.
Payment must be made in January. The wines can be dispatched at anytime that is convenient.

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