Have the happiest New Year ever. 20% off sale 2015

Happy New Year! Did the wine you saw off 2014 with welcome 2015 in the style you would have liked? To kick start 2015 TWD has two offers that will make your wine enjoyment easier, cheaper and more fun than ever. You can skip to the 20% off sale below if you want.

But first:

Let me reintroduce you to The Wine Depository The Wine Depository was started in 2011. It is a wine retail business that is focussed on selling beautiful wines to wine lovers. TWD is here so you can talk about the great wines you’ve drunk, discuss what is in your cellar. TWD offers you dinners, masterclasses, tastings and experiences based on quality wine and food. When you buy from TWD you and I will be building up that relationship where I’ll be able to pick wines that suit your palate. On this wine expedition with TWD you’ll uncover classic wines and regions and varieties as well as those that you’ve never heard of and some may seem unlikely. They’ll all be quality wines and there is a high chance you’ll fall in love with them. Chambertin Close de Beze Get on wine expedition 2015 It’s easy, just get in touch or you could buy some wine (there’s a convenient sale on at the moment). I’d highly encourage you to come to events this year too (bring a friend if you would feel more comfortable). It is the easiest way to learn as they are structured and presented so you get maximum knowledge and you get to taste the wines we are talking about. Have a read of these notes from the past three years of events to get an idea of what you’ve been missing out on.

TWD is all about you The sole goal of the expedition is to get you wines that you will enjoy and so you are welcome to give as much feedback as you like. Delivery of service is flexible too. Whether you prefer emails, phone, social media or catching up in person. It can all be managed to make it easiest for you.

Did you mention a sale? Yes! The annual tradition is for TWD to offer you 20% off the listed price of all the wine that TWD currently has on hand during January. All you have to do is buy six or more bottles (they can be mixed or all the same). That includes everythingspecial wines, rare aged wines and the affable quaffers.

So long as it is six bottles you get 20% off
You can browse the shop. Or…
Are you looking to add to your cellar?
Would some great value wines be useful for indiscriminate consumption?
Do you want some impressive wines to drink over the coming year?
There are always wines I’ve not yet put up on the website. They are pretty special wines and so it would be well worth us having a chat about what you are after and decide what is best for you.

Getting the wine to you For the month of January you get free freight for any six pack. We can arrange to get it to you before, on or after a specific date. If you are away we’ll let your wine lounge in TWD’s temperature controlled cellar until you’re ready to receive them.

Does that sound easy?

Lets drink some great wine in 2015,

PS You get 20% off great wine and the best wine service in Australia included in the price. What else do you need?

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