Burgundy On Boxing Day 2011

This years Burgundy On Boxing Day is a wine that I’ve been looking forward to drinking for a long time.

Robert Chevillon Nuits-St-Georges Les St Georges 1er Cru 2004
I do love a good Nuits.
A momentous occasion like this requires time-lapse.
2004 was greatly criticised and overlooked by a lot of people. I had the privilege of drinking quite a few of them when they were released and I found very few failures (albeit I only tried good producers). So I have quite a soft spot for the vintage.

Chevillon is one of the top handful of Nuits producers with plots in most of the great vineyards of the appellation. I’ve always enjoyed the Chevillon wines I’ve tasted.

This bottle itself offered a lot of savoury/earthy/undergrowth/truffle characters with hints of ironstone, and spice on opening. With further time in the glass, some lovely red cherry and rose petal notes developed, but the best part was the incredible mouthfeel; velvety with a lush and silky finish. There were the very fine but persistent Nuits tannins, but the silk just swallowed them up. I feel that the bottle may have been slightly oxidised but it was still a great experience and certainly if there is another bottle on offer I will jump at tasting it.

Overall it was a great experience. Until it ran out…

No straw was long enough.
It’s important to not waste a drop.


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