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Gabriel Glas

Gabriel Glas makes beautiful crystal wines glasses and is the only wine glass I use at home. Gabriel Glas Standart has the ability to show a wine in its most raw form. It is perfect for wine lovers as you get all the nuances. This one glass will easily supersede your Riesling glass, Champagne, Pinot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc without you having to have 4-8 glasses in each style. Or worse still, having mismatched glasses on the dinner table.

One day a lot of wine lovers come to the conclusion that they only really need one great wine glass. Absolutely, the different shapes and sizes make a big difference but wouldn’t you love to have just one that shows every wine in its best light? Gabriel Glas has already had that thought and delivered for you. They have designed every feature of the glass for elegance, bouquet drive and ease of use. Add to that the fact they are dishwasher safe lead-free crystal and you have the perfect package.

Gabriel Glas Standart

Rather than making it hard to understand for wine lovers, the gold edition is identical to the awesome Standart in size and shape. These Standart are the perfect glass for everyday use. I use them at most of my events and they are the only glass I use at home for wines. Despite their size and shape, they are surprisingly durable. Which is great because my wife’s hobbies include breaking Riedel glasses.

Gabriel Glas Gold Edition

The Gold Edition is so light and fine that using it heightens your wine enjoyment. The fine sides harness the aromas then let the wine flow onto your palate to see the structural elements. Due to its weight swirling is effortless.

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