Win Clients with different but truly effective wine focused corporate events.

A Different but truly effective way of winning over clients.

Wine focused Corporate Events, often paired with food and tailored to your objectives and needs. Great for winning over clients and leads or team building.

This is all about you. As the person who fills the room, you will be the hero in the eyes of the attendees. Giving people a positive experience, even if they have to pay a small contribution, means you get the brownie points for sourcing and facilitating.  

To Your Needs.

Everything is scalable, customisable, flexible. I’ll listen to what you want to achieve and reverse engineer the event to facilitate the outcome.

Knowledgeable presentation

With Food

at your venue

With 20 years of experience in the wine industry, I can cover a diverse and interesting range of subjects. The vibe is always easy, open and unpretentious. Getting your guests involved in a conversation is far more important than having them listen to a lecture.
To complement that, I can control the flow and timing of the room; give space for conversation when needed, and pull it in before it starts drifting.

Because a well-chosen food match can elevate the experience.  Rather than just using ‘catering’ or supermarket food, feature great wine and food matches so the flavours of both will rise to a new level.

Boardroom, office, at an external site. These events are designed to be easy to set up and pack up, with little to no mess or waste.

It makes sense to me… what do you think?

I can help your make Corporate Events a raging success. All you have to do is start the conversation.

Quotes are completely free of cost and obligation. The process is quick and simple:

  1. You provide information.
  2. I return with a quote and we discuss how it suits you. 
  3. We book the event.


What will it Cost?

It will cost no less than $30 per head. 

Minimum spend

Rather than a minimum spend, I work in multiples of 10 people. This includes everyone who will drink and eat except me and my staff. 

What do I get?
  • Great wine. 
  • A presentation of these wines, as casually or in-depth as necessary.
  • Notes
  • Glassware
  • Food to complement if selected
When can I do it?

Generally whenever you want. With enough notice you can have any day and time you’d like.

What wine?

We can tailor a theme that you will love and that will wow your audience. I have hundreds of themes we can explore or you can suggest what you’d like to see. 

What food?

That will be driven by your preference of wine. But I have extensive experience with cheese, charcuterie and chocolate for wine matching. 

What does a typical wine event look like?

6 wines to a theme (grape variety, region, vintage, country, X verses Y)

2 hours of presentation plus 30 minutes of set up and pack up. 

Detailed notes for all attendees.