The Gift of a Lifetime

Do you want to give a memorable gift or reward?

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What is it?

A curated wine event in your dining room, backyard, office, favourite venue.

What can we do?

Anything you want really. Here are some our popular themes.

Old World vs New World

6 wines shown in pairs of similar style. Each pair has a wine from the Old World (Europe) compared with a wine from the New World (The colonies). We talk about the differences in laws, philosophy, terroir, flavours, styles, and elitism.

Pinot Noir

Yes it is the greatest grape in the world. It makes great Red Wines, Rosé, Sparkling Wine. Hell, I’ve even had good white Pinot Noir and a Port style. Try 4- 12 examples of Pinot Noir  you’ll understand why it is the greatest. PS We could do any variety…

Old Wines

If you haven’t drunk beautiful wines from a magnificent cellar, you just haven’t lived. Sit down, relax, and watch as the wines evolve in your glass. We talk about the affects of cellaring, how to cellar correctly (it’s not boxes under your bed btw) and you’ll see why it is worth the wait. 

Barossa Valley

Is this Australia’s greatest wine region? Not only will we drink fantastic Shiraz, we’ll go deeper and find the exciting wines that are the future of the region. Of course, there are many more regions in the world we can explore too.

How to Taste Wine

Novice taster? Lacking confidence? Just want to brush up your skills? We sit down with 6 classic wine styles and unpack how to taste, why you want to taste, and ultimately how to get the most enjoyment you can out of every bottle you open. 

Long Lunch 

Got a bit of time? Let us meander down an epic wine route. We can go through the classic progression of Sparkling, White, Rosé, Red, Sweet, Fortified. Or we can go next level and throw in Saké, Spirits, Beer. We can approach with wine matched to food or food matched to wine.

Sounds expensive?

It can be, if you want. 

But it does not have to be. For as little as $30 per head you can get the whole show:

  • Wines
  • Notes
  • Presentation
  • Glasses

I will work with you to find the theme, style of event, quality of wine, and location to get the very best event for you or the person receiving the gift.  

Let's do it!