JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett 2007


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I enjoyed the wines of JJ Prum before I got to visit in 2008. But after that, it is love. So much so I stashed a lot of their wines away because they need a lot of time.
Joh. Jos. Prüm, founded by Johann Josef Prüm in 1911. The estate owns 13.5ha of vines in total spread throughout some of the best vineyards in the Mosel. Complemented by an older average age of the vines, 70% of which remain ungrafted. Low cropping, late harvesting and careful selection of berries at picking means that only the best grapes make it into the winery, and winemaking process involves as little intervention as possible to allow the final wines to reflect the vintage and terroir.
Wehlener Sonnenuhr

The sundial of Wehlen is the most famous vineyard on the village and possibly the whole Mosel. Known as being larger than average, the wines it produces can age gracefully. Like most of Wehlen look for power and intensity in the wines that sit over the acid.

The most notable of a star list of German Riesling producing regions. The steep sun-drenched hills get the fruit ripe while the cold climate allows for a long growing season that maintains acidity and mature flavours. Sugar is left in the wines the balance out the acid and the fruit Kabinett and late picked Spatlese can finish dry and savoury. The sweeter Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese are all exercises in intensity and complexity.
One of the world’s most noble varieties and known transmitter of terroir. Riesling is an important variety for quality wine production although only makes up approximately 4% of the planted area. Get wonderful Riesling from Germany, Austria, Alsace and Australia. They can be as dry as any wine you’ll taste or super sweet and luscious. It is a wonderful grape. See more about Riesling here.
This translates as gently sweet or fruity. These wines are generally low in alcohol with a power of acidity balanced by residual sugar. The best wines will seem almost dry and finish savoury and display a bouquet of beautiful ripe Riesling characters.

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