Falesco Et Me! Rosso Lazio IGP 2013


It has all that classic Italian savoury and earthiness.

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Founded in 1979 this Family owned estate is actually two estates. One in Lazio and one in Umbria. Using native and international varieties as well as a common sense approach to viticulture they are producing tasty wines with plenty of character.

The name is a take on the famous Lazio white Est! Est! Est!. They are using Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Merlot to make a rich, juicy and vibrant but soft red. It has all that classic Italian savoury and earthiness.  It is also a bit refreshing. Great with charcuterie. No aging needed it is just drinking so well right now.

Montepulciano – Deep cooler, great aromatics and almost inky mouthfeel. These wines are often spicy, savoury and earthy. They have a good ability to age if treated with respect.

Lazio – Is the region around Rome. The soils are suited to white wines and fortifieds. There are a few reds that are worth your attention too.

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