Carlo Pellegrino Kelbi Sicily Catarratto 2017


Kelbi is Sicilian Catarratto that really hits the mark. This noble grape often makes Marsala but this wine is presented as a tasty still white.

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Carlo Pellegrino Kelbi Sicily Catarratto 2017

In 1880 Paolo Pellegrino, notary with a strong passion for grape growing founded the company;  Cantine Pellegrino, in few years, succeeded in transforming the family company into one of the most important wineries in Marsala. They still have this leading position until today.


In a constant tussle with Puglia to win the title of largest volume produced each year, the wines of Sicily are as varied as its history. Delicate whites, full bodied reds and of course Marsala show the variation in climate and abilities of the various regions within the Island. The fame of Marsala wine is due mainly to the British, who had already traded in Port, Madeira and Sherry products. In 1773 they docked in Marsala where they tasted this “nectar”. It was love at first taste.  By using similar production techniques to the other sweet wines, a new product appeared on the market. This was the beginning of Marsala’s global adventure.


The second most widely planted white grape of Italy. It is responsible for the production of the fortified Marsala or is often blended with Carricante and Minella this grape makes a full bodied, citrusy and textural white. Quality can be lousy to outstanding.

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