Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012


One of Australia’s truly iconic producers. 2012 is very seductive and charming.

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One of Australia’s truly iconic producers. Those who love wine know and seek out Bindi’s pristine and pure Chardonnays and elegant and finely structured Pinots Noir. All wines are Estate grown at the beautiful Macedon vineyard. These wines fall into the ‘purchase on sight’ category.

I was treated to a tasting of the 2012s from barrel and that included a few older wines. We looked at a handful of wonderful Original Vineyard Pinots and all I can say is they are magnificent.

Michael Dhillon says of 2012 “The level of perfume and fragrance here is signature Original Vineyard.  As is the complex mix of red cherry, strawberry, earth, spice and minerality. Typical of the Original Vineyard, these aromas will deepen as the wine ages.  The palate is fresh, supple and zesty in red fruit with super smooth, building and flowing tannins giving direction and texture to the finish.  The sweeping palate will continue to build and strengthen and develop the classic, textural, ‘peacock tail’ flourish on the back palate. Time is required.  Say five years.  A recent presentation of 1998, 2000, 2008 and 2010 Original Vineyard Pinots clearly demonstrated the ability of the young, balanced, discreet wines to build power and complexity over time.  The 2008 is still juvenile and requires three to five years to mature.  The 1998 and 2000 are ready and delicious, cork and conditions depending of course.”


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