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“Savennières makes the ultimate dry Chenin Blanc…. It is, I think, the most cerebral wine in the world. When fully mature, it is breathtaking. All about majesty, the wine spreads across the palate like cream, revealing glimpses of flavor like an ever-changing landscape, a bale of hay, a whiff of chamomile, a basket of dried flowers, honey blended with quince and apricot or peach, the sting of citrus zests, a sonorous wave of minerals. Simultaneously taut and lyrical, bone-dry yet marrowy, it is a stroll along steep slate hillsides with Chenin. A wine of discovery, of reflection, Savennieres is not for the uninitiated.” Jacqueline Friedrich, A Wine and Food Guide to The Loire.

“AOC Savennières (together with its AOC crus …) is the only place in the Loire Valley where dry Chenin can genuinely rival Montrachet and Corton Charlemagne.” Andrew Jefford, The New France.

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