The Ultimate Vintage Experience at Kellybrook Winery


Have you ever seen a winery in full swing? Smelt the aroma of fermenting grapes and tasted the half wine from the vats? Join me for a fun time of tasting, eating and learning about the dark arts of wine making.

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A winery that is buzzing with vintage is an experience unlike any other in the wine world. The smells, the subtle fizzing of fermenting grapes that will eventually be a delicious drink but hmmmmm it sort of tastes OK now too… OH wow, you are preserving the flavours of the grapes! Preserving it with alcohol and tannin, seasoning it with oak.

Then you bite into a whole Pinot Noir grape that is fermenting on the inside of it’s skin. A burst of beautiful Pinot perfume, the gush of CO² crisp acidity. I could eat these all day. We get them with dessert? Cool, just one more before I go though!

Welcome to vintage at Kellybrook. A bus will collect you at your nominated time (don’t be late!) and away we go to experience life during vintage. Rob Hall will take us through the winery, introduce us to the dark arts of wine making and let us taste the current harvest juxtaposed with the finished wines. We’ll make time for a two course lunch with matching wines at Kellybrook’s wonderful restaurant. Then your bus will drop you off at your home to enjoy your evening.Kellybrook Price


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