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Debussy Reverie Vin de Pays Chardonnay 2016


Reverie Chardonnay offers lots of flavour. The grapes are grown on France’s sun-drenched Mediterranean coast and the wines are perfect for an Australian palate.

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Debussy is a brand that has estates in the Rhone Valley, Provence and other Mediterranean regions. Debussy Reverie is their label from Languedoc-Roussillon. They are well made, sun-drenched wines that are easy to drink and enjoy without having to think too much.

A chardonnay that celebrates the marriage of freshness, fruit flavour and well-judged oak. A palate with more curves than edges, its peachy, rockmelon flavours and toasty oak create a wine that blends the purity and freshness of France with the richness and generosity of Australia.” Chris Morrison. Sunday Telegraph, 02 December 2018


A large and rambling region on the Mediterranean coast of France. Styles, varieties and quality vary hugely. There are some true gems in the region though. Some appellations are outstanding but mostly producer will be the biggest indicator of quality.


The grape that you can plant anywhere, in any climate and do anything to and it will still taste like an OK wine. When people hit the sweet spot of site, climate, cropping and winemaking, Chardonnay becomes a magical wine that will age gracefully but charm you at any age. Chardonnays can range from cool climate lean and citrusy to warmer climate tropical and overt. Oak and lees can add flavouring as can malolactic fermentation.

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