Are you missing out?

Is it too hard, too intimidating, too hectic to select from my website?

That is fair enough! Except, as your Wine Guy, I’m concerned you’re missing out on the good wines.  

The good news is you can take advantage of my skill to select for you wines you’ll love but would maybe never buy or pick up otherwise. 

All you need to do is tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Therefore, to make sure you are not missing out I have an offer for you.

Get The Good wine

Each month I want to send you three bottles of wine that I am excited about. Because I only sell wine I have tasted and believe is worth you tasting, I guarantee my selections. What sets this apart is I’ll make sure each wine is to your taste.

The selection will be broken into one each of:

  • Cheerful and cost effective weekday wines;
  • More complex and impressive weekend wines;
  • Serious vin exceptionelle or special occasion wine.
    • You may want to keep these for special occasions or add to your cellar. You might think being alive is a special occasion and you can drink it right away.

The Offer

Each month you get three bottles of wine which will together have a retail value of no less than $90. When you add $10 freight that brings the total value to at least $100. In addition you get the benefit of my 15 years in the wine business and also notes I’ve written about the wine to help you understand why you are receiving it.

For this offer I am willing to give you a discount of 25% and it will therefore only cost $75 each month.

The minimum commitment is four months. Charged upfront, delivered monthly.

Save 25%

Get started

Simply supply your delivery details, payment details and anything you can’t stand to drink. I’ll do the rest and we’ll get underway with these fine wines perfectly suited to Spring.

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